Motive Media: Creative freedom is our business goal

  Posted on July 11, 2018

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Published By: The Town of Caledon

Motive Media: Creative freedom is our business goal Featuring Owner Kathy CartanSunlight filters through the large paneled glass windows and illuminates every corner of Motive Media’s office on Parr Blvd in Bolton.

Founded by Kathy Cartan in 2003, Motive Media has come a long way.

With extensive experience in the world of graphic design, Cartan was inspired and driven to deliver great quality content to her clients.

She designs and creates images for various clients and her passion for creative content propels her to strategize brand positioning as well.

After years of hard work, in June 2016, Cartan decided to move her company from Mississauga to a new 10,000 square feet space in Bolton.

The new building allowed her to spread her canvas wide so she could visualize her creative approach effectively to reach bigger and better results.

We met Kathy Cartan and her daughter Holly Douglass (Director of Sales and Marketing), who gave us a tour of their office and print facility.

Cartan’s office staff includes other family members too and they currently employ 11 full-time staff members.

They also shared some highlights of their business journey, creative processes, work culture, and the inspiration behind Motive Media.