Featured Focus: Long Term Care Homes

  Posted on May 15, 2024

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Human connection, resident safety and a comfortable, warm space should be at the root of long-term care. Motive Media recognized an opportunity to use their expertise to help brighten up and personalize the visual environment in long-term care homes with wall murals and environmental graphics.

“Our mission is to use our experience and expertise in design and large format printing to make long-term care homes warm, friendly and nurturing without entering into expensive renovations. We transform spaces using positive visuals such as images of natural and familiar places that help spark a sense of home. Every project we take on is imaginative, carefully planned, quickly executed, and fully customized” – Kathy Cartan

Here is a video showcasing the transformation of Kristus Darzs Latvian Home.

Kristus Darzs from Motive Media on Vimeo.